What is a ceramic coating & what are the benefits of ceramic coatings?

Ceramic Coating is a paint protection liquid that is applied on top of existing vehicle paintwork, this additional coating helps to keep the underlying paint surface protected and looking its best for many years.

The simplest analogy is to think of a ceramic coating as a non-stick surface that you might find on a frying pan but that is completely clear, it basically stops things from sticking (e.g. road dirt, tar spots etc).

The technology originated from NASA to protect things in space, these coatings offer automotive surfaces protection from acid rain, freezing rain, harsh wash chemicals and direct sunlight as well as the following benefits:

  • They form strong chemical bonds with substrates at the atomic level so these coatings cannot be removed using paint cleaners or pressure washers; they will not wash away in a storm like some waxes: they are inherently extremely durable.
  • Optically clear, ceramic coatings provide a high, crystalline shine, particularly effective on metallic paintwork where the metal flake ‘pops’ brilliantly.
  • Helps to speed up cleaning as dirt basically doesn’t stick to the paintwork as much
  • Helps to protect your paint against bird poo and tree sap (this should still be cleaned as quickly as possible though)
  • Helps with inferior cleaning practices in the future (e.g. swirl marks)
  • Helps with very small stone chips
  • No need to use car wax in the future on the bodywork
  • Can be applied to most surfaces including plastic
  • Water simply beads and runs off the car

    No need to polish or wax, all you have to do is wash the car.

      Once applied, it's there to stay for a minimum of 3 years.

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